Our Firm

Bill Logue and his associates at Clear focus, LLC  help families and business with clear and practical strategies to accumulate and protect their wealth. With over 45 years of combined experience and a multidicliplinary  approach, Clear Focus,LLC continues to provide individuals and businesses customized financial planning and investment stratagies through INVEST FInancial Corporation. 

Clear Focus applies a balanced approach to planning through the effective application of both academic and practical research to financial and investment planning.Our mission is to leverage the experience and creativity of our people and network to enable our clients to make the best decisions based on data, not opinion or the business media.

The firms financial planning and educational resources reflect current legislative, academic, and economic developments that allow their clients to actively manage their plan and seek to make better decisions.

Together with his clients, Bill and the members of his team strive to develop strategies in the following areas:

Business Planning
Providing the business owner with a comprehensive suite of consulting services for a cohesive plan that are normally only offered through separate providers.        

Wealth Management
This is the art of preserving capital while fostering consistent investment income. Bill understands that your retirement could last 20 or 30 years, or even longer - so he takes a long-range approach in helping you guide your financial destiny.

Investment & Asset Allocation Planning

Bill manages wealth in your preferred style, according to your risk tolerance. Using The Post-Retirement Navigator as a planning system, he adjusts the allocation and distribution of your assets addressing short- term needs and long-term growth, and guides your wealth toward helping meet your financial goals.

Retirement Planning
The choices you make with your retirement money are the biggest financial decisions of your life. The implications of those decisions, which in some cases are irrevocable, will effect your retirement and your family's standard of living for generations. Bill can help you determine where your "conservative money" should be invested to help maximize income potential and minimize income taxes.

Estate Planning
Estate taxes and the probate courts represent the biggest stumbling blocks to furthering wealth from generation to generation. Working in conjunction with your attorney, Bill can help you with tax reduction strategies and prudent methods of estate planning that can help preserve family wealth and facilitate an efficient transfer - strategies from simple living trusts and multi-generational IRAs to more complex charitable remainder trusts, survivorship trusts, and more.

Charitable (Planned) Giving
Gift annuities, charitable lead trusts, and other routes of planned giving can give social and spiritual purpose to your wealth. Bill can help you determine the best avenues for gifting, and help you start a financial legacy.

College Planning 
By using a Bill's personalized college planning process, families will have the clarity to determine the best fit school for their children and an efficient  strategies to fund those college expenses with out sacrificing their retirement.