Why is Bill Different


Like any good financial planner, Bill Logue helps families and businesses plan to make their wealth last a life-time, and to implement prudent financial strategies. Bill recognizes that a good financial plan is more than just simplified computer generated report that is reviewed only once a year. Every familiy and business is unique and deserves a creative and practical plan that will offer a clear path to achieving their goals with minimal risk. 

Bill's process is designed to help your family or business develop sound strategies to manage your income and investments, and assess your current risk so as to optimize the opportunities for your business and family.

But Bill does more. As a certified Instructor for the American Education Foundation, he can help families in planning for a college experience that's right for their children. He helps to answer the emotional as well as the financial questions that comprise the college planning process. As parents, you want to know that you've made the right choices, not only for your children's future, but for your retirement as well. With Bill, you will get a financial plan that's right for everyone in your family.

That's the core philosophy behind Bill's financial planning practice: planning that fits your family, because it's designed for your family or business.