Why is Bill Independent


To Bill, independence is everything. He works for his clients, not a large bank or a Wall Street brokerage firm. He's a financial planner; advice is his primary product.  Bill focuses on the relationship and the changing needs of his clients, not a transaction. He helps his individual and business clients look ahead, so they can strategize and anticipate the different financial stages of their lives. The retirement road can take many unexpected turns and it is good to know Bill is always there to help.

Bill values the friendship and professional relationships he builds with his clients. Backed by a dedicated team of professionals, he takes a long-term approach with each client. This helps him craft and continually monitor a personal plan that meets your goals and objectives. Bill firmly believes financial planning is a continuing process, not an event. A financial plan without implementation is of little value in the long run. That is why Bill always makes sure his client's purchase of financial or insurance products are right for them and their specific plan. Bill is an independent financial planner that works for you, and you can know he will put your interests first.